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“We all know that we are heading in a dangerous path when it comes to healthy eating habits. We have to come together as a community and understand that enough is not being done to educate, help and aid our children and their parents in making the right choices.”

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Educating Families

The goal of Caramel Connection Foundation is to promote and educate communities on the health benefits of healthy meal choices and how to prepare them in simple, unique, affordable, and most importantly, delicious ways.

Creating Awareness

The objective is to create awareness on how easy and simple it is to substitute fatty junk foods with healthier food options. While preparing basic and popular recipes we can encourage healthier – eating behaviors and attitudes in a student.

Community Driven

The Foundation connects the community through the culinary arts and events to incorporate healthy meal option education into your everyday life. From healthy kids cooking classes and family workshops, to educational posters and family recipe books.

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‘Bidding for Better Health’ a Quartermania fundraising event on Sunday, May 22nd from 5-­8 PM

Riverside, CA­ Elizabeth McSwain, Founder of Caramel Connections Foundation, (CCF) announced today, the launch and upcoming fundraiser for her nonprofit foundation. Elizabeth will host ‘Bidding for Better Health’ a Quartermania fundraising event on Sunday, May 22nd...


Classroom Program The Boys & Girls Club of San Bernardino will be hosting the CCF Healthy Cooking Program starting in September 2016. Culinary students, caterers and restaurant owners teach the classes. The program empowers middle school students with life...

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