Classroom Program

CCF Cooking with Kids, CCF Reading with Kids & CCF Fit Kids Programs launched in September 2016.

College students, caterers, restaurateurs & fitness coaches facilitate the classes throughout the Inland Empire. The program empowers the participants with life lessons, which we hope will have a cascading and rippling effect throughout the student’s’ home and their family members.

The lessons are created to:

  • Give Participants Basic Essential Healthy Lifestyle Concepts
  • Foster Lifelong skills like mindful decision-making
  • Educate the families on how to have FUN while preparing and modifying recipes from other Geographical areas
  • Make an impact in the academic and emotional lives of children

CCF Cooking with Kids Participants-San Bernardino

Receive Healthy Incentives during each session

  • All lesson plans are developed and designed to have fun learning about physical fitness & nutrition.
  • Instructor help to facilitate positive reinforcement by giving raffle ticket for participation and good behavior
  • Families are eligible to win hula hoops, roller skates, scooters and herb planter kits…

Each lesson will incorporate and consistently build on…

  1. Basic Essential Concepts
    • Food Safety Handling Guidelines – CCF Cooking with Kids
    • Physical Fitness – CCF Fit Kids
    • Healthy Minds – CCF Reading with Kids
  2. Lifelong skills like decision-making
    • Healthy Food Options and Food Substitutions
    • Daily physical activity enriches their overall well being
  3. Helping families to have fun while preparing and modifying recipes from other Geographical areas such as:
    • Assorted Soups
    • Chinese Teriyaki Chicken
    • Mexican Tacos & Fajitas
    • Italian Pasta Primavera
    • Fruit & Salads

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