Classroom Program

The Boys & Girls Club of San Bernardino will be hosting the CCF Healthy Cooking Program starting in September 2016.

Culinary students, caterers and restaurant owners teach the classes. The program empowers middle school students with life lessons, which we hope will have a cascading and rippling effect throughout the student’s’ home and their family members.

The four weeks program is specifically designed to attract the grade level middle school student.

These lessons are created to give the students:

  • Basic Essential Concepts
  • Lifelong skills like decision-making
  • Fun preparing and modifying recipes from other Geographical areas

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program

  • All Lesson Plans are developed and designed to have fun learning about nutrition.
  • Students will be given a basic kit, which they will bring with them to each class.
  • Classes are two (2) hours per week, one day per week for a four- (4) week period.

Each lesson will incorporate and consistently build on…

  1. Basic Essential Concepts
    • Food Safety Handling Guidelines
  2. Lifelong skills like decision-making
    • Healthy Food Options and Food Substitutions
  3. Fun preparing and modifying recipes from other Geographical areas such as:
    • California Salads & Soups
    • Chinese Fried Rice / Egg Rolls / Teriyaki
    • Mexican Tacos / Fajitas / Spanish Rice
    • Italian Pasta Primavera/ Pasta Bowls